How men’s clothing should fit.

This question "how should a man's clothing fit? "is one that many do not have an answer to, simply because fashion these days, oh and our native attires mostly don't encourage the fit of a proper man's clothing (for instance the dress shirt). That been said do you remember my sins of style post?  If … Continue reading How men’s clothing should fit.


Sins of style. 

You are under arrest! 😁 it is still your fave girlfriend Tamara, and I have come to arrest law breakers, today i see that alot of you sin when it comes to style,  that is what we are going to talk about. Dressing well isn't quantum physics , so why do people write about it … Continue reading Sins of style. 

Voguish men

Hey guys soo this week has been something else😩😧 and I know you have missed me because I missed you too😘😍. Today's blog is dedicated to my VOGUISH GUYS/MEN/BOYS, yes I receive a lot of support from y'all and I said to myself "babe don't be an ingrate"😜  but seriously, if you read my about you will … Continue reading Voguish men