what you should know before using coconut oil 

Coconut oil is known for it's wonders in relieving acne,  for weight loss and a lot more.  I have always spoken about how essential it is but with  a little survey I found certain things that are of great importance (speaking about coconut oil for reliving Acne) A few ladies complained that on applying coconut … Continue reading what you should know before using coconut oil 


Fight not flight – fear

Fear- to be fought not to be timid for. Hey my favorite people, how have you been? Today's post is for people coping with everyday fear and by this I mean everybody. At one point or the other we all face one fear or the other, your strength is in how you handle it.  My … Continue reading Fight not flight – fear

Protect yourself 

The year would be finally ending in a few days time,  I can't help but think about things I plan for next year, well that is definitely topic for another post. Protect yourself? 👆 From what you must be asking, well we all know that the long awaited Harmattan is here now, but I always have mixed feelings about … Continue reading Protect yourself 

Five fave apps

Holla!! Como estas... Hehehe, yeah that is Spanish, I have always wanted to learn Spanish, yaay!! I am glad I got me a friend who loves it too (shout out to philus). 💡 I should do a post in Spanish and English huhn?? What do you think?  This brings me to today's topic my favorite … Continue reading Five fave apps