Pretty and Stylish in the rain(5 essentials)

looking pretty, stylish and organized (code PSO) is important.

As a person (male and female) code PSO is essential but the raining seasons especially the annoying  ones occurring in lagos lately can be so frustrating that we let go of the code. I bring to you 5 essentials needed to remain pretty, stylish and organized on any rainy day, have them on or always in you bag this season. Here we go…

  1. Leather hat– dump the umbrellas and shower caps, these leather hats protect your hair and face from the rain while making you look chic,  it is not compulsory for the hat to be leather just ensure you chose one that doesn’t soak water. 
  2. Leather jacket – leather jackets are so stylish, with little effort (just your jacket) you will be looking a million dollars. I love jackets in general because they are so flexible can be worn casually and to work. They are important for this season because it protects you from cold and since it doesn’t absorb water your inner wear would be totally dry. Have it on or in your bag always this season. 
  3. Water proof makeup– these are a must have this season very essential for looking stylish in the rain, make sure you get original ones. Wearing these on a daily basis is not advisable but i have noticed that with a good after makeup routine you would maintain your flawless skin
  4. Rubber or leather bags and footwears– wear comfortable footwear, invest in patent material bags and footwears (anything water resistant) . These are so important i mean no one wants to ruin their important documents/ fave bag/ sandals to the rains
  5. Olive oil–  i got down with cough and cold few weeks back  and it was not funny, it was so frustrating the last thing i was was pretty 😥. A friend bought me olive oil and i was like “WTF am i gonna do with this?” she said sip throughout the day , i found it weird but it worked like magic, i took 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Keep this one handy, mix with your cream or rub it alone(great for dark and light skinned beauties) as it protects you from cold also.

    Other items to have handy…. 

    • A sanitizer
    • A small towel
    • Your moisturerizer
    • A scarft
    • Etc Tell me in the comment section other things you always have handy this season. Tell me what you think about this post also.

    Remember you are beautiful

    Xoxo Tamtam 💕💕💋

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      2 thoughts on “Pretty and Stylish in the rain(5 essentials)

        • Tamara's palace says:

          The main idea is getting something that won’t soak water, you could also try thrift shopping (bend down select) i got some cool designer ones for as low as 1000 naira 😱. Yup, do navigate my blog i dished tips on thrift shopping some time ago. Thanks for stopping by i hope you stay .😍


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