what you should know before using coconut oil 

Coconut oil is known for it’s wonders in relieving acne,  for weight loss and a lot more.  I have always spoken about how essential it is but with  a little survey I found certain things that are of great importance (speaking about coconut oil for reliving Acne)

A few ladies complained that on applying coconut oil within 2 to 3 days their breakout became worse,  pimples where much more visible within that period also .

You should note these before using coconut oil :- 

  • Be sure of quality. With any product we are to apply on our body or consume, you must make sure it is of the best quality, for coconut oil you can actually make yours to be sure of quality, when unhealthy particles are mixed with the oil it colgs your pores causing serious acne. 
  •  the breakout has something to do with coconut oil’s detoxifying compounds called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). When you rub coconut oil on your skin, because its MCFAs are small in size they can easily penetrate your skin cells, providing a burst of energy to fuel your cells to expel toxins (you’re probably unaware that our skin stores toxins).

    When these toxins (together with some sebum) get pushed up to the surface of your skin, and you have some dead cells clogging the pores at the same time, tiny bumps of whiteheads will break out on your face.

    Coconut oil draws toxins and triggers whiteheads

    That’s not the worst. If you already got pimples on your face, some of them may grow larger due to the toxins being drawn up and mixed with the clogged mixture. What’s even worse is that the breakout may last for a few days up to several weeks, depending on how much toxins you have buried underneath your skin over the years.

    The more toxins you have beneath your skin, the more severe the breakout will be.But the thing is, what people see is the aggravating acne that coconut oil causes, they don’t realize what exactly coconut oil does to acne behind the scene and how much toxins their skin has already stored. Which is why the misunderstanding occurs. For those who know coconut oil’s detox reaction, they’ll stick to using coconut oil until their acne clears. It’s not easy though because like I just said, the breakout can last up to several weeks.( source- Fussy body)

  • However, you can reduce the breakout and shorten its duration by improving your diet and keeping your lifestyle as active and less stressful as possible. This will make it easy for coconut oil to help improve your acne problem since your body will naturally have less toxins to deal with and hence, store less toxins in your skin.

    On top of that, be mentally prepared for the breakout and give coconut oil enough time to help cleanse your skin of toxins so that you won’t easily freak out when your face breaks out. Freaking out causes stress and upsets your hormonal balance, which can aggravate your condition. So, stay cool and let coconut oil do its job.

  • You should also note that coconut oil is very effective for hair growth (the reason I stopped using it)  this means if you are naturally very hairy you shouldn’t use on your face or body unless you love your skin hairier.

    Have these in mind, and watch out in the DIY section we would post  how to make coconut oil yourself. And in the beauty section we would explain how it can help with weight loss.

    Do not hesitate to drop a comment, if you want to know the above. ❤❤💋💋


    7 thoughts on “what you should know before using coconut oil 

    1. Jewdeeth Ben says:

      Thumbs up Tam. Really will be glad to learn how to make my own coconut oil for personal use and also how to use it for weight loss. Thanks sis


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