Fight not flight – fear

Fear- to be fought not to be timid for. Hey my favorite people, how have you been? Today’s post is for people coping with everyday fear and by this I mean everybody.

At one point or the other we all face one fear or the other, your strength is in how you handle it. 

My greatest fear has always been trusting, yes I had an experience when I was much younger and ever since I had trust issues, but guess what I overcame it, I don’t just meet someone and start trusting the person but I was able to set timelines and amount of trust appropriate……… Trust will be a topic for another just subscribe and stay tuned.

I have had other fears like stage fright, fear of heights, socializing etc, I noticed though that as I overcomed one another shows up but these tips have always helped me go through each one like a boss. 

  1. Stay informed- social media today is #1 way in which fear is distributed, so many don’t do’s make research don’t take everything you hear or see remember the person you are listening to could also be wrongly informed.
  2. Get knowledge – find out why it happens? How it happens? When it happens? How to prevent it? This knowledge will help to reduce your fear.
  3. Wisdom -consistent action based on knowledge, simply put act wisely having made research and gained knowledge .
  4. Association- associate with reasonable people, those with positive vibes, they will always encourage you to do #1,2,3 then take the risk.
  5. Stand and face fear- at the end of the day face your fear, you hate elevators use it more often see how you over come the fear.  You hate socializing ?  practice in front of the mirror.

Fear is one of our greatest enemy but at the end of the day with knowledge and wisdom we can overcome it.                                                                  – Tamara 

Additional tips-

  1. Sleep well, Eat well, Take a 20 minutes walk or more everyday.
  2. Reward yourself- after successful facing your fear (e.g. socializing with someone) treat yourself, do something you and your body loves.
  3. Visualize a happy place- when the fear comes visualize how happy facing the fear will make you,  Visualize paradise this will soothe you.

Some say fear is false evidence appearing real, I disagree cause there are truths that are real and fearful but with wisdom and knowledge we can triumph.                                                                             – Tamara. 

Now tell me which of your greatest fear have you overcome? Is there something you want to aadd?  Like, comment and share.

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Till next time Xoxo 💪💪💋❤❤


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