9 things making you look messy 

“little drops of water makes an ocean” I am sure we all know the saying. I can remember once a friend said ” this celebs that come out looking spotless they must be witches and wizards, how can they be so perfect? ”

    If you are somehow like my friend, you are thinking the secrets are in the expensive clothes and accessories they wear,  but guess what it is not, it is just in the little things.

    Little things little things… Here are 9 bad habits that make us look shabby/messy, we must do away with them 

    1. Bad fit- I can’t over emphasize this point. There is a thin line between too tight and baggy it is called perfect fit. Tailors are available every where now,  there is no excuse leaving your house like that. 
    2. Dirty items- why do you take your bath eveveryday? To keep clean right? Well here is what you probaly don’t know, your items especially clothings and shoes should be cleaned, washed etc.  It shows you are neat,  responsible and organized it even shows you care,  this little big thing could assist you in getting that job or wife/husband. 
    3. Hair bands- what is wrong with hair bands? You are wondering, well nothing until you remove from your hair and in other to save it you wear it on your wrist. No no no it is just wrong,  you know I used to do it but how did I stop?  Well let us just say I didn’t get a job I wanted cause according to my interviewer it is a sign of disorganization, I went home and I really considered it and she was right. Learn from me, just put the band in your purse, it won’t get lost.
    4. Over size shoes- 😂😂 this reminds me of when I was way younger I had a classmate and her shoes were over size, and we always called her “Oma bam be” that is Yoruba for he/she will meet it, that was what her mum will say when asked. I can relate to that though cause money was the cause of such reasoning. Money is still a problem now so I am saying just make sure whenever you want to buy shoes get those that size properly.  You can thrift, it is cheaper and you find some priceless pieces.(my shoe secrets?, stay tuned and watch out) 
    5. Over accessorizing – oh don’t get it twisted I love the bohemian style with multiple chains and so on, and those Gypsy rings have my heart,  but then there should be  a balance it shouldn’t be for every occasion, embrace your style but with class. 👌
    6. Rough clothes – I don’t need to say much, it is just self explanatory, wearing rough clothes all the time just shows irresponsibility and carelessness. The previous night try ironing what you will wear the next day or after doing your laundry iron all of them, keep them in a way they wouldn’t get rumpled so when going out you just pick and go. 
    7. Worn out nails- I for one I always have a natural nail with no nail polish or an acrylic with polish.  This is because i realized when i polish my actual nails it doesn’t last.  Having nail polish on that is partly removed is messy and makes you look messy.
    8. Multiple bags – I know you have a lot to carry but now we have bucket bags,  these bags come in various sizes, choose one that takes all your essentials, laptops,  makeup bags etc. Note carrying a very big bag that is basicbags empty  is as wrong as carrying multiple bags.
    9. Brown whites- there should be nothing like brown whites, white is white, once bleachers don’t work any more toss it out.

        Remember the little things that we ignore matter alot,  pay attention 

        These are just a few, there still others. Well know any additional tips? You are welcomed to comment, like and share.



        4 thoughts on “9 things making you look messy 

        1. WanShyGirl says:

          This is a very insightful post. I used to be guilty of some things here especially the Ironing thing but now I’m grown and self-conscious and righting my wrongs.


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