Sins of style. 

You are under arrest! 😁 it is still your fave girlfriend Tamara, and I have come to arrest law breakers, today i see that alot of you sin when it comes to style,  that is what we are going to talk about.

Dressing well isn’t quantum physics , so why do people write about it so much? The simple answer is that it’s easy to keep creating posts and clothes for people to buy as long as you write about the very specific things that people should be doing right at that moment to look bettterm in that outfit.

The purpose of this guide is to get away from that fashion chasing mentality and lay out the things that will always be the wrong choice. 

My goal is to provide you a comprehensive guide on how to avoid looking bad instead of yet another guide on a single new look or strategy.

Without beating around the bush, I have broken down seven basic mistakes that most men are guilty of at least once or twice in their life:(this affects most ladies too?)

NB:- I would be focusing on each of this point in a more broadened and explicit way later on, so subscribe so you are not left out 😘 

Sin #1 – Bad fit. Most men don’t realize it, but the way their clothes hang on their body is actually the most defining aspect of their appearance. Believe it or not the fitting of your clothes say a lot about you. In native or in corporate your clothes should fit properly.

Sin #2 – Not Dressing for the Occasion. Wearing Agbada for a conference meeting 😲 (I am exaggerating lol 😂) An over- or under-dressed man makes everyone around him feel a little awkward. Know what you’re getting into at various social and business events, and know how to dress for every level of formality.👌👌

Sin #3 – Mismatching Patterns. Patterns that don’t go well together confuses the eye and makes you look unprepared👎 . Wearing nothing but solid colors is boring. Learn how to avoid both!👍

Sin #4 – Mismatching Color. 

For guys this is very important, a lady can always color block but for guys especially for corporate events it is technical so Forget “honey, does this tie go with…” Know what’s just not going to work, avoid it, and get on with your life. ( you would only find out if you subscribe, follow us on instagram tamaraspalace, or follow me tamperann on instagram also,  follow us on facebook @tampalace) 

Sin #5 – Dressing Your Body Inappropriately.

 Some “looks” work well on certain body types, but seem ridiculous on others. Don’t be tempted into a bad style just because it happens to be trendy — you’ve got to know your limits. Simple 

Sin #6 – Choosing Quantity over Quality.

Who does that? 😦 a wardrobe  full of bad clothes is no substitute for even a lean closet of garments that make you look like a million bucks. Be strategic with your purchases, and know the quality of what you’re buying. What I am saying is on a budget you could totally look as cool as 2face, buy timeless pieces 😯 (would talk better later 😉).

Sin #7 – Getting the Details Wrong.

 A well-chosen outfit can be destroyed or improved  by details as small as the cufflinks or the pocket square. Know what details people are going to care about, and how to get them right. 👌

Knowing and avoiding these style  Sins of menswear is the fastest way to look sharp every time you step out the door. 

It won’t matter if you’ve bought the latest fashion, because your wardrobe is based on the timeless rules of menswear the classic style that endures.  

You’ll also  save money by relying on pieces of clothing that last for years and serve equally well in different outfits and combinations rather than buying a single article for every occasion.

We should be judged solely on our merits and not our appearance. It’s a nice idea, but unsound the human brain makes most of its judgments visually. We form our impression of people within a few seconds of meeting them. Later interactions might change that impression, but the brain will continue thinking that a quality dresser is a quality person. 

You might choose a style that looks more responsible, or older, or younger, or more relaxed, or more artistic the point is that looking a particular way will help you to feel that way as well. And looking good will always translate to feeling good. 

It’s one of those lessons that you can’t teach someone until they try it for themselves, so just give it a try and see what I mean. 😀

Thinking about your clothing first thing in the morning wakes you up and puts your brain in high gear before you get out the door. 

Avoiding these Sins  you’ll be able to look sharper and more consistent than the trend driven approach to fashion.👌👌

Disclaimer – picture from Google 

Sincerely your favourite girlfriend Tamara 💋💋❤❤


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