1minute ring diy

I am sure I have mentioned it a few times, I am pretty careless 🙈with my jewelries so I pretty much don’t buy any, I make myself . 🙌

I practically spend 30 minutes to one hour revamping my clothes, bags, shoes and jewelries whenever I have an outing  ( I wonder why I don’t do it before the day) 😏

Today’s DIY is one of my fave, since I love rings, let’s get into details :-

What you will need 

  • Guage 90 wire
  • Beads
  • Round nose plier
  • Jewelry cutter 
  • Your finger😁 ( you are not cutting it don’t worry) 


  • String two beads into the wire
  • Make a spiral one end I used 2cm
  • Use your desired finger twisting the wire on it ( the way u like it? )
  • Measure 2cm again cut out
  • Make a spiral and you are done. 

Guys I need help with my flat lays, any tips?  Please comment. 

Oh excuse the  nails.😱 xoxo Tamara 💋❤❤


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