I am excited like really excited it is my blogiversry but unfortunately I had to delay the post from January 28 – today March 16, I will tell you why just read on

Although last year when I launched Tamara’s Palace I wasnt sure what I wanted, I barely even posted anything not until  sometime in, I wanted to blog about everything 
Well due to the fact that i am doing everything on a budget, I thought it would be impossible,  but I have learned to take it all gradually,  brings me to our discussions. Being on that budget was what got me to create the broke girls guide I was literally broke.  

Reasons for the categories on my blog

Broke Girls Guide- aim was to assisting and guideing other girls to manage what they had to look and feel  good, i envisioned myself being a style coach for girls like me. This lead me to Dress making 

Dress making- I was  learning how you sew in a local shop and it was a great way I used to save money that made me introduce this category.

DIY- this is my life in three words, do it yourself, I lived by telling myself, have that expensive item by making yourself with way less than half the price, revamp old clothes make them trendy.

What I wore – this category I am yet to develop properly, this was because I didn’t have a photographer but this year is gonna be juicy I promise.

Lifestyle- I wanted to be everywhere, touch every aspect and this was and still is the Only way. 

Vougish men- I still have plans for this category, but it was steered up by My Love for styling my brothers.

Sneek peak into my collection 😉

My goals this year in blogging is to properly monetize my blog , in January got a job as a co-editor on buzzite check out some of my posts and do support your girlfriend, not just that i was able to strike a deal with the Ken-walk brand, yes my go to fashion and accessory store( would be writing a post soon).  

My collection was to be released  on my blogiversry which was January 28 but apparently that is only gonna occur by March,  a lot of setbacks the reason why I  was discouraged and soo busy that i couldn’t post for awhile.

If there is one thing I always try to have at the back of my mind it is keep calm workhard God has a plan his time is best. 

Check out a few posts of mine on buzzite

Bunions remedies 
Natural spots removal 

Acne cause and relief 

Hey pals do me a favor, just answer these questions in 2 minutes, in the comments section 

  • Over 10 how would you rate my blog? 
  • What should I improve on? 
  • What category on my blog do you enjoy more?
  • What do you expect from me this year?

So much 😍 love from Tamara, stay tuned pals! 💋❤💋


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