Tote bag DIY

Now you are wondering what is she talking about, I am saying let us make a no sew chic stylish tote bag. 
For those who do not know :- A tote bag is a large bag, originally it was always made of cloth, with two handles. There are no interior or exterior pockets. It is made to “tote” (carry) things around, especially while shopping or travelling. A handbag is traditionally much smaller and is meant to carry around personal things that a woman needs in everyday life.

However, nowadays women have handbags that are the size of tote bags and there is a specific class of handbags called “totes”. It allows you to carry more things every day and to shop, all out of the same bag! The fun thing is even men can carry Tote bags.

What we will need. 

  • Piece of clothe(about half a yard) 
  • Tape measure 
  • Scissors 
  • A drawing paper, pencil and eraser 
  • Glue
  • Petercharm (this was the name I was told in the market but the thing about Nigeria market is they have their own name for things, I actually delayed this post because I was trying to find the general name, but nothing ) 
  • Stapler

    Procedure – Draw your your design, cut out

    Differenciate the figures skin from garment 

    Glue correct pieces together 

    Cut fabric width 18 cm,  length 35cm Plus 2cm for folding lid of bag

    Fold and iron

    Glue figure to the right side of the bag, wherever you want your design to go

    Glue sides together 

    Get your Petercharm(you could just use the same fabric or leather for the arm) and stapler/glue.

    Staple or glue arm to bag

    THaa daa

    What do you think? Questions? Comment. Enjoyed this post? Like and share. Xoxo💋💋



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