Types and tips for sweaters 

Hey my boyfriends, y’all my boyfriends don’t you know, wait you cheating on me? 😀 so it has been a while and I know but I am here now that is what matters. let’s just go straight to the point.

This season, is cold and dry the season I love and hate,  read here and know why I hate and love the season , meanwhile it is the time to show off our cool sweaters😍, I don’t know I love it when I see a guy rocking a sweater they look hotter🙊😍

Types of sweaters 

  1. Crew neck- this is a really cool one that is common can be dressed up and down that is it can be worn as a casual or semi-formal. An example of semi-formal Us the picture below The difference between the casual and semi-formal is your shirt  and probably destination.
  2. V-neck- these are more stylish than crew neck, with this you have to take into consideration what you will wear inside, for casual a white Tee is a go to look but whatever color you decide to wear just try to make sure it doesn’t have designs because it would seem like the design is fighting to come out except if the neck is deep enough to reveal whatever design perfectly.
  3. Half zip and full zip – the full zip is default casual, throw on a polo and you are good to go. The half zip can be as a casual or a semi formal wear for semi-formal all you need to do is wear a dress shirt (just like v-neck), to look casual in a half zip you don’t need to try just show of little skin😉 that is you don’t really need to wear a T inside.
  4. Turtle neck and roll neck- Roll neck sweater is a casual, worn on a jean or pant trouser.  The turtle neck is a semi formal and casual, in extreme cold of just want to add swag to it throw on a blazer,  to be casual just wear it the neck is high enough to cover your neck.
  5. Shawl collar and vests- the ultimate corporate/formal sweaters, just wear a shirt and your tie,  can be worn as casuals also put on a T-shirt. 
  • Tips- for a v-neck sweater and your shawl collar when wearing a T-shirt wear something without design but if your T-shirt must have a design make sure your sweater shows the design properly.
  • Be plain and patterned.  This simply means if your sweater is plain your shirt can be patterned and vice versa. 
  • Be black and white- this means if your sweater is dark coloured wear an inner shirt or t-shirt that is dark coloured vice versa.

Disclaimer- All pictures from Google.

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