Protect yourself 

The year would be finally ending in a few days time,  I can’t help but think about things I plan for next year, well that is definitely topic for another post.

Protect yourself? 👆 From what you must be asking, well we all know that the long awaited Harmattan is here now, but I always have mixed feelings about this weather 😀&😡😷.

Oh what is Harmattan? read up here

My mixed feelings are caused because, the hot weather is gone and everywhere is now cold so I am glad but then again it is all dry and dusty here and we both know that is not good for beauty and health reasons.

How harmattan affects your health and beauty and their preventions-

  1. Upper respiratory tract infection- this is caused by bacteria inhaled from the dust around, this leads to excessive sneezing, catarrh, cough and fever ssanitizer. Wash hands properly, Always use Hand sanitizer.
  2. Harmattan is not the best season for people with chronic chest infection notably is Asthma, which causes difficulty in breathing due to inflammatory congestion in the lower  respiratory tract. Always have your inhaler with you,  avoid dust, use a nose cover.
  3. The dry weather causes dry and itch skin, which could cause cracks, wrinkles and even bruises. Make sure you moisturize regularly, essential oils are best for this,  Drink lots and lots of water. Avoid regular use of anteseptic soaps use for only short periods, it makes the skin dry
  4. Due to  the dust in the environment which carries bacteria our eyes are prone to itching. Wear protective spectacles, rinse eyes with clean water only.
  5. Hair breakage, the weather makes your hair dry so you need a lot of hair moisturizer, essential oils like coconut oil will prevent this breakage, avoid using hair dryers and tongs,  do protective hairstyles that hides the ends of your hair.

For more tips for dry skin read here

What other tips do you have? Pls share in the comments section, did you enjoy this post? Like and share.👍👌

    You want more tips?? Stay tuned 😉😀 Xoxo💋💋❤


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