Five fave apps

Holla!! Como estas… Hehehe, yeah that is Spanish, I have always wanted to learn Spanish, yaay!! I am glad I got me a friend who loves it too (shout out to philus). 💡 I should do a post in Spanish and English huhn?? What do you think? 

This brings me to today’s topic my favorite apps, just 5 of them!!  You excited?? I am !!

Note – this is not a sponsored post, my choices are solely my choices. I have a few other fave apps but I had to pick the five faves.

  1. Jw library – you have probably heard of it, it is an app by Jehovah’s witnesses it is an aid to Bible understanding, contains our publications. It is my #1 and this is because Bible knowledge and a good relationship with Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life this app let’s Me make research and read the Bible in whatever language wherever I find myself. You should check it out. 
  2. Polyvore– Yass!! This app feeds My Love for fashion,  it let’s you have access to designer clothes(pics😉.. Did u think they will actually give you 😁) there is an endless collection of clothes, shoes, art, decorations, accessories etc. Here you combine clothes the way you would want to style ’em and share with others, there are contests you can partake in and win cool items. Warning- it is addictive 😯😇
  3. WordPress- it has never disappointed me when it comes to blogging, it feeds My Love for blogging. The themes are much, free and fantastic, you could use the free plan for a long time without any space problem. I would recommend it for any wanna be blogger.
  4. Camera 360 & pics Art- my fave photography app, I don’t know but they are everything I need, the filters especially pics art is the real deal, editing pictures with phone is made easy!. I couldn’t pick my best out of the two so I just picked them both.
  5. Duolingo-  did you know I love language?  Duolingo has been of great help to me ever since I discovered it through Philus( Mon Ami- my friend 😉(show off!! 😋😜) it has a lot of languages you can learn, it is so practical, even if you don’t have someone to interact with it you will hardly forget, let me not give you all the juice download it and find out yourself. 

    Guys I had to limit myself I didn’t talk at IG and face😷😏😯. I am curious though I want to know your favourite apps, you have to tell me why you like them comments, likes and shares.. 

    Have the best week ahead, I am waiting for comments don’t spoil the fun Xoxo💋💋❤❤👌


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