keeping up with Tamara 

I know you are probably wondering what’s up with this babe she hasn’t posted this week, well it has been a really busy week for me and today I will tell you and share pictures with you of what I have been upto. But allow me to first say Turn up good life turn down illness, Turn up consistency and independence turn down being broke 😁🙌. Turn up partnerships and booming business!!!! 
November was a handful, I registered in a fashion school to improve my God given talent of sewing and get something out of what I love😉, I also had exams, it was stressful but I tell ya I enjoyed the stress  because I realized that nothing good ever comes easy, and I know I am building something that must be solid. 

Exams have ended and I thank Jehovah for my result, still going for classes fashion design classes. These are the two main things that have been keeping me busy now let’s see some selfies!!😍

A few pics I took last month 

Remember when I told you my friend got engaged at a wedding we attended.

One of those days in school (fashion school)

One Sunday afternoon 

After one of my exams

Going to fashion school one morning 

One of our modeling classes, yes they teach modeling. 

Alright guys now you know what I have been up to what have you been to?  Likes and comments. 

Xoxo 💋💋❤❤


6 thoughts on “keeping up with Tamara 

  1. Baba TEE says:

    It’s crystal clear, Tamara; you’ve got divinely endowed talent…keen eyes can see for now. Keep persevering dear, and you’ll sooner than later blaze a trail that all will see!!!(7 thumbs up)


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