how I styled it

Hey guys!!  I am so happy,  I think  because  I had a bad week God blessed  me with  a great weekend! I enjoyed  every bit of it and this morning  I am feeling  these positive vibes  like never before 🙌, even though Lagos traffic is trying to spoil my mood. 

Ok so you want to know what went down abi? 😏 alright  I will tell you a close sister got married  on Saturday, you know  nah that turn up was for real!!  But on that same day my girlfriend  was proposed to,  she was the chief bridesmaid! Is that romantic  or is it romantic?😋🙌. Seriously  I am soo happy!! m

Guys tell me about your weekend,  meanwhile  let’s talk about  the outfit post,  remember my previous post? shirt tutorial I promised to show you  how I styled it,  here you go

I paired my over sized off shoulder top with a black stretchy skirt I made myself, a shoe by next which I got at Ken walk unisex boutique and a beaded  belt also from kenwalk( I should  do a post on them pretty  soon,  they have very affordable and timeless pieces) oh and the purse a friend gave me as a gift. The shades I collected it from  my brother  😁

What do you think? Comment, did I slay? Like Did you enjoy this? Share XOXO❤💋💋❤



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