Shirt tutorial

Hey guys!! How is your week going? I hope it is not as stressful as mine, damn the stress is pure lol

I realized that it has been quite long since I did a DIY project so today I am transforming my dad’s shirt.:mrgreen:

I saw the shirt with him and loved the look so I collected it, yes way too big but perfect for my tutorial.

Girl friends with the power bestowed on me I say collect your boyfriends, brothers or your dads shirt to do this!!😜😜

What you will need 

  • An oversized shirt.
  • A sewing machine
  • An elastic band 
  • A scissors


I tell you guys It didn’t take me 10minutes to get this done.👌👌

There is no strict measurement, I cut just above the second button

The next step is to sew in your elastic, note- you are sewing it in d blouse, make sure you fold the edge so it doesn’t fray and when sewing elastic you would pull the elastic so that when you are done you will have those little folds.

Hello new blouse!! Pretty simple right??:)

Would you love to see how I styled this?? Stay tuned by subscribing👍👌. Was this useful? Comment, like and share.Xoxo💕💋❤


7 thoughts on “Shirt tutorial

  1. Dainventorichgold says:

    you just started a DIY section that will expand all frontiers… good job tamara!

    i want to see you do a DIY (Do It Yourself) section on Blouse to handy bag … you could look up articles and videos to the related request…




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