7 must have accessories for men.

Hey guys this is officially my first post in the voguish men section of my blog and I am super excited, I hope you are also.

Most men believe it is not necessary to accessorize, some feel they can just go with whatever comes their way,some are just lost completely, well I put it to you that if you want to look stylish there are guides and rules you must follow.

Today I won’t be discussing this rules I will be talking about those necessary accessories and their importance to your looking stylish.

Wristwatch- this is #1 on my list because of the power a statement watch which is functional has on your look, corporate or casual a watch adds spice and undeniable attraction.

A leather belt- this is of great importance for any man or guy, I mean how awkward will it be to use a tie or a rope for your pants and trousers?? :?Very awkward right??😒. Belts help keep your jeans, pants, chinos e.t.c in place (even though many guys keep giving us a view of their boxers😤😱)

A sunglass- the sun these days ehn??! I don’t need to tell you sef you already own one *giggles* . apart from its function it adds class to a well arranged outfit.

Two pairs of shoes, a sandal and a slip on. The two pairs of shoes include one for corporate wears and the other for casual outings, the sandal is to be worn with your natives and slip on for very casual outings.

A hat-  2016 really glamorized hats, this is one trend I am sure is not leaving anytime soon, it also has a function especially in this hot weather of Nigeria, protecting you from the sun rays.

A signature scent- we ladies are generally attracted to good scents so grab a good perfume or roll on. It may take a while to get one that suits your personality, when you do stick to it.

A wallet or leather bag- with or without money😜😜 have a leather wallet with you. A bag to carry your other items( this depends on your job anyway)

These 7must have accessories listed do not in any way replace the essential elements for a man they only compliment them. What are the essential elements for men??? Stick with me by subscribing and get an update when the blog is posted😘😘

Guys I really need your comments on this one, pls Pls tell me exactly what you think, did I miss anything? Or should I add anything??

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xoxo guys!! Till we meet again soon✌👉💕


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