Keeping up with Tamara; things that make me sad and happy

Hey darlings! Its is the 7th of November yes this should have come earlier but I wanted to post something personal that you could relate to.

10 things that make me sad/angry- I am not one to be easily broken, few things make me angry or sad, but there are those things.

  1. My alarm clock.( yass! It is d #1annoying thing in my life right now)
  2. Being broke( no cash)
  3. Being cheated by someone and then they be acting like I was the unfair one. I m like WTF??
  4. Judgmental individuals. I mean shez wearing a deep v neck plunging neck line showing cleavages, you won’t wear it then why do you insult her( is it your money or your body? Are you God?)
  5. Being sick.
  6. Being told to do something. Even if I planned to do it before telling me to do it gives you 85% assurance that I wouldn’t😜 
  7. The color pink. There is something about this color that annoys me, I don’t know why.
  8. Artificial people. I am not talking about our false lashes, acrylic nails or lens now, I am speaking of people who behave as if they know it all or like they don’t pop. Can you relate????!
  9. Bad odurs. Urhh!! Eww!! 
  10. Funerals.

10 things that make me happy- yaay!! Finally some positive vibes💃💃. I found it really hard to summarize my happy things to 10 I could get to a 100 without pausing.

  1. The bible and prayer- yes there is this relief my communication with God gives me I am sure you can relate.
  2. Being alone- this is wayyy different from being lonely, those long walks and traveling alone is so refreshing for me.
  3. My family , as much as I love my alone time and as much as my brothers can annoy me their company keeps me going and positive.
  4. Eating- to be specific dark chocolate, cakes and plantain. If you ever want to kidnap me🙊 just write free cakes and chocolate on van, make sure I can perceive it😯😂
  5. The color black. Yass! Black is my happy color anytime!
  6. Blogging. Yes my blog this blog keeps me going.
  7. DIY’s, sewing and fashion. I am a freak for these.
  8. Smell of new things,That smell you get from a new shoe, dress bag or apartment. can you relate?? 
  9. That moment when you get home and take off your bra then get a cool shower and just lie on your bed free!😛
  10. Sleeping, yass! I love my bed.

    Its a wrap darlings!! Your thoughts are so welcomed! Xoxo💋💋❤❤


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