Voguish men

Hey guys soo this week has been something else😩😧 and I know you have missed me because I missed you too😘😍.

Today’s blog is dedicated to my VOGUISH GUYS/MEN/BOYS, yes I receive a lot of support from y’all and I said to myself “babe don’t be an ingrate”😜  but seriously, if you read my about you will find out that this blog is not just for females 😮😮 I know I know, ever since my post has been mainly feminine but all that changes TODAY

Since this is an introduction to the male category I am just gonna share a few casual grooming/styling ideas and male trends in pictures, these pics are actually pinned on my pinterest account (yaay! I got a Pinterest  account!!💃💃) I have been obsessed with it ever since. The user name is Tamara Ann Brave follow me there by searching me out or better still clicking the pinterest icon below this post.

Enjoy the pics guys and expect a whole lot of tips, tricks and ideas.😘

Hey as usual your thoughts are welcomed. XOxo❤❤💋💋


2 thoughts on “Voguish men

  1. katrinajeancarter says:

    This was so nice of you to feature men in your blog. There is definitely something about a man who can dress and carry himself well. It’s one of the things that attracted me to my husband when we first met 🙂


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