Necklaces for different Neck lines

Accesorizing has never been my thing maybe because I always got it wrong and minus that I love simplicity but anyway I know it is your thing and I love you guys😍

Accessories have this supernatural power of transforming any dull simple dress to a classy chic look 👸😚 but this can only be achieved when rules are followed! 😂😂 (why am I laughing?) Well seriously no matter how expensive your jewelry is if you don’t follow the rules you would look funny ( you laughing too abi??..😝)
Today we would be talking about a very important accessory ; the neck piece, as time goes own we would talk abt other accessory. 

Rules for neck lines and neck is piece-

Turtle neck-  Basically long chains and pendant, a choker would be a huge fail, you will be surprise that I have seen someone with a chocker on turtle neck it was hilarious😅. Please don’t do that.

Strapless or off shoulder- accessorise with grand choker necklaces, short necklaces or long layered necklaces,as your shoulders are bare.

Round neck- very easy to style, If the neck is high, go for long necklaces, if the neck is low, go for short necklaces that are round like the neckline/resemble the neckline

V- neck- all you gotta do is remember that whatever jewelry you are going to put on it should end mid chest.👌
The square neckline- this is one neckline that most people get wrong, do not do not wear a square shape jewlry with this neck line. Instead, pair with a choker necklace or a pearl string that would just sit along your neck.

Buttoned up shirts- a statement neckpiece that stays close to the collar does the trick.

Buttoned down shirts- this is a very playful look, you can wear chockers, short chains and long chains also,  but avoid the bib neckpieces.

Assymetrical neckline- basically chockers or long necklaces

Cowl neckline- you already have enough drama going on so you wanna keep it simple by not wearing a neckpiece or just a simple chain and pendant.

The Scoop Neck– just like the V-neck, you can either decide that the neck-pieces have to stop mid chest or wear long necklaces.

The Boat Neck- Never wear short necklaces with this neckline, as it would interfere with the neckline. Long necklaces are the best with this neckline.

And those are  basically all the necklines we have, did I forget any? tell me in the comments section. Did you find this useful? Like and comment, don’t hesitate to share. 

Pictures- a few sets from my polyvore account.XOXO 💋💋❤❤


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