Under the sun on makeup.

This week took sooo long! 😩, when you have to walk in this lagos sun you would want shorter days and longer nights, even holidays twice a week:mrgreen:. Can a Nigerian here please tell me what season we are I am getting confused, you see heavy rain one moment then the next sun.

Let us talk about sun, why won’t i talk about it, it has been hitting me for weeks now and spoilt my makeup once:'( so i did a little reaserch…😁;)

Sun is something we Africans and a few other countries have in abundance, and as much as we need the sun, too much of it can cause Acne, sunburns, discoloration and so on. 

Sun on makeup can cause greater and very dangerous effects on us, but we still need to look pretty we can’t allow the sun ruin our parade🙅👸 for what nah?… What can we do then?


Less is always more- wearing tons of makeup is never  a great idea so, go light and let your face breath go a day or two without makeup.

Good matte foundation. On a sunny day, an oily foundation will be a major fail!!. If you don’t want to use a liquid foundation, you should get a mineral powder instead of foundation. This gives lighter coverage then liquid, but it will also trap fewer bacteria in your skin and allows your face breath.

Use natural makeup.With newer technology and spreading awareness of the dangers certain cosmetics carry, comes the advent of “natural” makeups, which are less likely to use harmful chemicals, and are much more better for our skin.


Use sunscreen. A lot makeup these days have contain SPF, so when choosing your makeup read the ingredients the way you read your manuals and drug leaflet. If you don’t find one, then get your sunscreen use as moisturizer and then use your regular makeup.

Always prime. Yass…! Prime your face prime your eye this will help keep your makeup in tact. 

Extra tips

  • Let each step of makeup you apply seat for about 5 minutes, before applying the next.
  • Don’t use a rich, creamy moisturizer during the day. It could make your face too slick for your makeup. 
  • Wear hats, golf caps and also eyeglasses, to shade your face from the sun.
  • Make sure your hair and hand stay away from your face as much as possible.

Pictures- me TAMARA without makeup. Share your thoughts. 👍

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