5 things I do to save my money

**yawn** go..good..good morning, oh its afternoon already?? Lolzz you welcome to my blog.

 I realized it has been a while since I touched the broke girls and guys guide, I wanna share a few tips on how I save my money.

You would agree with me that the situation in Nigeria and a few other countries is getting worse, money has no value again, and salaries are not increasing either, so the little cash we have we must manage it.

My friend’s say I go over boared with my management skills and I know they are right ( you will find out why soon) but you can’t blame me, limited resources various needs insatiable wants ( omo management twale ;)👍 *being razz*) 

Anyway here goes nothing:

  1. Plan: Without a budget sweety before the second week of the month you would be broke again, waiting for your salary you start acquiring debts when salary is paid you use it to pay off debts again you are broke, you would be no better than a walking dead.

So make a budget, how?? Make a list of all you need, in order of importance, arrange them cut down on some things  don’t forget to deducted an amount you will save for future use then do your calculations, and stick to your budget, don’t forget to include miscellaneous.

This saves me from buying things that at the end of the day  regret, it saves me from debt and also makes me almost independent of my parents. 

         2. Go natural- seriously this helps me I don’t spend money on super expensive soaps and creams that won’t last long or that will spoil my skin (it still hurts that I have stretch marks due to a soap I use, some months back:'(, but with natural everything is coming back to normal:mrgreen:).

As moisturizer I use coconut oil, I use as leave in conditioner for my hair also. It is cheap to buy and cheaper & easier to make. For my soap and all natural scrub I will do a DIY post on it soon. Stay tuned by subscribing.

     3. Thrift shopping-  As much as we wanna be looking like rihanna,Nicki or tiwa savage, we must be wise, truth is they’ve made or are making cool cash ( recession no dey affect them 😋) .

Thrifting can be really rewarding if you follow these steps . I must confess I do this but while balancing it with the quality items. Remember it is only when you tell people or you dont maintain the thrifed items that people will know ( know you went to bend down select 😛) 

      4. Alter your cloths:- I am sure you guys can testify to this, because I have posted a few DIYs showing me altering my cloths, here is a few,hereand here

My advice, don’t throw all worn out cloths away, be creative and bring something out of it, either for yourself, your mini me, or hubby. Another thing I do since I follow fashion trends for is get my cloths looking similar to one on the runway or on my fave celebs.for example see,and also

     5. Trade by batter- yes i in general it is not used kinda old fashioned but  I and my squad do this,  I sew, I have friends that make hair and my mum makes shoes and bags, another friend of mine is a MUA. I am blessed right?? (But i am looking for a friend who is a photographer o 😜😁) Lolzz.

Although it is buisness we are talking about so just make sure you collect something equivalent to your usual pay. You get??👍

I could go on and on, on things I do to save but let’s leave it here for now. Am I the Queen of budget seekers or what😂😂. 

Its a wrap, please share this post with your friends and family we all need this, it would be self-centeredness on our part if we don’t.

Stay tuned for another episode of this by SUBSCRIBING and tell your friends to do so too. Till next time. *drops mic* Xoxo💋💋❤❤


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