keeping up with Tamara 

Have you ever seen the sun rise? It is soo beautiful right? When I see this I take my time to say a prayer, a prayer of thanksgiving, I see it as a new beginning because yesterday has passed and whatever happened yesterday remains there, i then plan my day and set goals this is also the same feeling I have about new months. Do you feel the same way?

 How did I fare last month- I had about 4 specific goals last month read here . 

  1. #1My first goal I would love you guys to score me on, how has my blogging been? And what improvements should be made to my blogs or site?
  2. Going out and meeting people, yes I improved greatly on that, but still need to improve a lot.
  3. No sewing, only when I needed few adjustments, so I here I had a 10/10👍
  4.   Workouts, I did resume and I have been doing my little in keeping fit.

Doing- A lot of writing assignments and the likes, Also I am trying to develop a better writing skill. I have also started this month with a lot of sewing, I can hear my machine singing in my hear my as I am writing it lol

Feeling- a bit down and discouraged because my plans have not pulled through and also because I have friends telling me to end this blogging thing.

Realizing- that I have gradually become someone who worries alot, now that I know I am going to work on it this month. Realizing that I also have to take things easy, and not over think my plans.

Loving- that I have been able to come up with more DiY posts.

I have not been watching or playing any thing, but I have gradually started falling in love with the chainsmokers their music is good.

Well that is a wrap, but if you want to know any other thing just ask. Also tell me which artist you have been loving, I want to explore their songs. Till we meet again have a great month. Xoxo💋💋❤❤ 


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