You are welcome to another blog post by Tamara 👏, lol yesss I am so glad I am doing this right now I am soo sorry, I know I know it should have come last week but I am sorry, is my apology accepted? ☺

    Do you ever wonder who are your true friends? Or how you can be a true friend? I do . These days  a lot of people are selfish and pretentious only looking for their own gain, don’t get it twisted though there are still good people but they are few. From my observation one tip to being a true friend is to be really true, to know a true friend also the same applies they are always sincere with you no matter what.
      Have you seen those draped jacket on the runways or on a friend they are beauties, today’s post is about how I made mine and how I styled it.

The inspo😍

Things you will need-

  • 1 yard of material.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape rule.
  • Sewing machine/ needle and thread.


  1. Fold material into two.
  2. From the top measure 10-15 inches depending on how full you want the drape to be.( I used 10inches)
  3. From the side which is folded(closed side) measure 4 inches 
  4. Make an oval, this is the trick part, you can use a top which you love the way the back is to cut yours. For my oval I used 8 inches as length and 6inches as width. Make it as wide as you want.
  5. Use your sewing machine or your needle And thread to fold those ovals(the 2 ovals;))🙌💃

This material I have had for a while, I have been waiting for the perfect style and I found it 😮what do you think?

      That is a wrap for today I hope you enjoy making/buying;) this piece. Don’t forget to add a few more tips on how to be a better friend and also tell me what you think about how I styled my jacket. Your comments, likes and shares are highly appreciated. Xoxo💋💋❤❤

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