Dress your shape

Hey there!! You welcome:mrgreen:. You got a problem with your grooming?? You came at the right time, i have some tips to share.:)

It is a comnon notion that the figure 8/hourglass shape is the bestshape well in a way it is because fat is evenly distributed but not everyone has this shape this doesn’t make them ugly, you just need to be able to dress your shape. I did a little research and from my research I found out there are four main types of shapes. 

It is always good to step out of your comfort zone but you have to remember what is trendy or what fits or friend or fave celeb may not fit you. Let us learn👍

You can identify the category you fall in by looking at yourself in the mirror or by measuring your burst, waist and hip.😍

Apple shaped- also known as the circular shape is characterized with small limbs(legs and arms), big bursts, protruding stomach.

  • Avoid- Avoid dresses and belts that pinch at the waist. Avoid drawing attention to waist and shoulders. Avoid skinny jeans.
  • Wear- wear long sleeves. Wear flared trousers. Wear dark colors they give a slimming effect. Wear patterns and print on the lower half of the body. Wear V necked clothes .

Rectangular shape- Also known as straight shaped, these individuals are not curvy, their waist and hip and burst are usually same or 2-6 inches different.

  • Avoid- Stay clear any men’s clothing like baggy jeans. Avoid big flowing gowns like A shaped gowns.
  • Wear- You need belts, this will create an illusion of a curve. Wear ruffles especially at the burst and hip area this will add volume

PEAR SHAPED- The opposite of the apple shape, these individuals have wider hips and legs, shoulders are narrower and not as broad.

  • Avoid- anything that draws attention to the hips, like partterns and prints.
  • Wear- Anything that accentuates your shoulders and burst. Wear straight legged or slightly flared jeans. Wear heels. Wear wide necked clothes. Wear clothes with puff sleeves or shoulder pads.

Hourglass shape- Hips and burst usually the same measurements, while the other waist is slimer.

  • Avoid- anything that makes you look boxy and draws away attention from your waist.
  • Wear- wear belts. Wear clothes that accentuate your waist line. V necks are the most flattering for this individuals

Well…. Was this post helpful? What shape are you and what else have you noticed?Do you have any additional tip? Comment, like and share. Xoxo💋💋❤❤👌


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