What I wore X crop top

   I love holidays!! I get to stay at home and just sleep 😜 lol, today has been a very unusual Monday for me and I tell you I am loving it!!
   When I see a person who always makes promises like every time I stay away because usually they always fail, I try as much as possible not to make promises but when I do I try my best to fulfill it( I mean do to others what you want to be done to you right???! :)). Anyways I remember promising to show you how I styled my crop top leggings (…or the other way round….) Lol😁 here .


I paired it with a velvet high waist skirt I made sometime ago, yes i choose velvet skirt because this season the velvet material is like in every fashion collection, did you notice? Well all my Velvets are out and I have planned when I would wear them ;)😂


What I loved most about everything I wore apart from my skirt was my neckpiece I got it from KEN-WALK
An accessories and unisex clothes store in my area, their items really cheap and unique I would do a post about them pretty soon.( yes I just promised I know😇)
     Tell me what you think about this combo. Xoxo 💋👌❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


7 thoughts on “What I wore X crop top

  1. Funmi says:

    You look gorgeous hun! I’m definitely a velvet lover and it’s the season for it. So looking forward to it.

    I’m very much like you when it comes to promises. Unless I’m able to fulfill it, I don’t do it. If I should promise, I’ll find a way to make it happen at all cost.

    Funmi x

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