Leggings crop top

    I know I know the post is late that is true but I don’t know what it is called I found my self being indecisive, a lot of project I wanna do but I couldn’t decide which. Even right now I am still like no lemme do the other😂. What is this called? Is this the writers block? I need to know, I think I need help loolzz😂
     Today’s post is a DIY post!! Yaay!! Yipee!! I am excited, are you? Well it has been a while since I did any DIY project.
     This project is the easiest I have done so far, I am converting my old leggings into a crop top 😱, yea I know it sounds strange but you will love it.
    What you need:-
– Old leggings
– Scissors
– Glue/ needle and thread(optional)



I used 3and half inch for the deepness and wideness and just cut it out at the middle make sure it is folded properly like the pics.


The pictures are self explanatory right? My material has this smooth edge when I cut out so I didn’t need the glue or needle and thread. If your material has ends that loose you can either glue or sew.
    That is all👌 easy right?!, if you wanna see how i slay this stay tuned I should be styling this anytime soon.
    Thoughts please. XOXO💋💋❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


12 thoughts on “Leggings crop top

  1. Zumaria says:

    I love DIY stuff! This is especially perfect because my leggings always tend to rip near the crotch area. Now I can just cut it out and give them a longer life! I always feel guilty when I throw things out.

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