Keeping up with Tamara X Comfort campaign

 Yaay! Yipee!:mrgreen: I finally got a name for this stuff and I hope you like it (KEEPING UP WITH TAMARA).
       Before we get down to business, let me take a few minutes to explain this comfort campaign. It is a campaign Jehovah’s witnesses are engaging in throughout this month so every JW you meet definitely has this Watchtower  titled where you find comfort? Grab a copy or Download yours here
or read a short article here tell me what you think about it when you are done reading.
         Now let us keep up….


Few goals for the month: #1to be more active here, and get better photos ( I know I am lacking there). #2 Go out! This year I have been practically almost always at home, it is totally because of my sewing. #3 No sewing this month, maybe a few though (I need to focus on other things) #4 Resume workouts!! Last month was the worst when it comes to keeping fit, my cravings for sweet especially chocolate was at it’s peak 🙈but I am over that now.

Doing: a lot of planning, saving up, reading and researching. Preparing more posts for my blog.


Feeling: sick, but thankful and just appreciating the little I have been able to accomplish.

Loving: myself everyday

Regretting: Nothing, it is a goal of mine to never regret anything, but to learn the lessons from the mistake.

Listening to: Adekunle gold there is something about this his Gold album, I don’t know it just gets me I have been listening to it since its release. Have you listened to it? Which song is your fav? Mine is paradise.

Watching:  I don’t know is it just me or is TV really boring these days? Seriously nothing has been catching me there.

Playing: Criminal case, hey who plays too!:mrgreen:

Reading: school stuff, Awake and Watchtower (publications produced by Jehovah’s witnesses)
      I guess that is all, but if you want me to tell you something ask and I will reply, tell me.. What have you been doing also? Just a few things 😘.

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6 thoughts on “Keeping up with Tamara X Comfort campaign

  1. katrinajeancarter says:

    Yay! My fave is “loving: myself everyday” 🙂 My focus lately have been about self-reflections and applying what I learn in life. Also been working on being fully present in each moment and not getting too caught up in things that don’t matter. Looking forward to all of the updates on your blog 🙂


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