Hey hey :mrgreen:, I am here again and you are probably wondering , what kind of wand I am talking about well I am not talking about magic wands😂 (I know you were not thinking of that)
  I have noticed that we have various types of mascara wands, I did a little research and I know a lot of people don’t care about the type of wand they use but you should.
          Types of wands and uses


Straight Brush Wand
The straight brush wand is perfect for larger eyes, with a lot of lashes.  The straight brush wands are usually enormous, which is perfect for making sure each eyelash is covered with mascara, and will help curl every eyelash. The straight wand is ideal for daily wear because it has less drama.

Comb Wand
Comb wands are tiny and the teeth are made of plastic, it looks like a comb. The comb wand is very useful for avoiding too much product on your lashes. They curl and lengthen the lashes, but do not make a difference at adding volume.

Curved Wands
Curved mascara wands are ideal for people with straight eyelashes. When using the curved mascara wand use the side with the curved side going against your eyelashes. This will lift your lashes more. The eyelashes will be curled more in the middle and end, making your eyelashes look more open.:)

Tapered Wands
Tapered mascara wands mean the teeth/ bristles are shorter near the top and get bigger. The larger side will cover more eyelashes and curl them more, giving your eyes a cat eye effect when you use it. Using the tapered wand in a zigzag motion will help add volume and lift.

Spherical Wands
It is very similar to a comb wand, for it has plastic bristles that separate and coat each lash. But if you are not careful, you are more prone to getting mascara on your lid.(we wouldn’t want that right?😤)For perfectionist this is the best and for those with hooded eyelids you should run from this cause it will be a mess.

Plastic Bristle Large Wands
The large number of plastic bristles help coat each lash, it is great for those with much lashes. Also, the size of the wand and the variety of bristles make sure each eyelash is coated and curled. Using this wand in a zigzag motion will help get a lift and more volume. It’s similar to the comb wand, which helps reduce clumps, and gives length. It’s also similar to the straight brush which helps with volume and getting every single lash.👌

The Bottom Lash Wand
The bottom lash wand is tiny, and the bristles are small too.This is great for getting the shorter lashes near the tear duct, also . This helps a lot for not transferring product onto your bottom lid, which is a big problem for getting your bottom lashes.👍

Vibrating Mascara Wand
I have not come across this one, I hear it is new by Landcom. From my research.. The vibrating mascara wand is controllable by a button on the cap of the mascara. The vibrating helps add volume, and curls the lashes, and will also help with clumps. It will move around the eyelashes to make sure each eyelash is definitely covered. It only takes three strokes to get the same look as multiple coats of mascara with a different wand. Well I am gonna get this one, it is way easier.:mrgreen:

1. Use a blow dryer on your eyelash curler to add heat. Wait for it to be warm so you can touch it to curl your eyelashes. This will help curl your eyelashes faster, and will keep them curled longer. 😍
2. If there is product on the wand but it seems dry, fill a cup with hot water and put your mascara in the cup for several minutes. It should melt down the mascara.
3. To avoid mascara from drying in the first place, when getting the product on the mascara wand, do not submerge it multiple times in the product😒😜. Just submerge it once, and twist multiple times. Submerging the wand in the product will push air into the mascara, making it dry faster.
4. Use baby powder in between mascara coats to give the mascara something to hold onto. This will help avoid clumps, and will make your mascara look twice as voluminous.✌✌
     My favorite is the plastic bristle large wands, you should know why, it has almost everything!!😘
  Do you have a fav? tell me, was this post of any importance/help? Tell me. Comment like and share please.
Picture- Googled it.

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20 thoughts on “Wands

  1. Kreete says:

    Haha! I was indeed thinking if you were going to talk about magic wands haha!! Informative post, thanks for sharing! I loved the tips in the end, I had no idea that the more times you stuff the brush in the mascara, the faster it will dry and I never thought about using the blowdried either!


  2. Zumaria says:

    I am makeup retarded and this was super informative to me! My respect for my makeup wearing friends just went up 10 points LOL Thanks for sharing this! Very educational 🙂


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