Day3 convention X Deets

    Today was interesting talking about the things learnt especially the videos watched,:mrgreen: but a whole lot occurred. Let me gist you.
        My dress was an off shoulder black sequin dress by me Tamara and it rained heavily, so I was cold all through the day😰, that was not the worse part loolzz I had a major shoe malfunction my legs were slipping out of my shoes, mehn! It was not funny then😤 but now I am laughing at the whole thing😅.
     I am skeptic to post this i am like:- don’t post this, apologize later but promises should be kept. Why am I skeptic? The reason being that, a lot occurred so my pictures are not clear please just manage them.


    Other clothes I made



I will have a shoot later on for now comments please. Like and also share Xoxo💋💋❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


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