Day2 convention X Deets

    Wow I am so excited :mrgreen: welcome once again to my blog , today was more interesting than yesterday but do check out yesterday’s blog:).
  I was almost not posti


this, but I am loyal✌, the only thing is I will skip the spiritual aspect 😥 I am so sorry maybe later I will do that.
    For this day I made clothes for a few people  I want to know your thoughts about my designs.




Sorry, they are not that clear  but I need to know your thoughts



Dress by  me, do you see the bow tie? Yea it serves as a choker😮😘, I love it and I am hoping it becomes a trend, I wish to see other fashion bloggers slay this. WHAT YAH SAY???!!
     Till tomorrow Xoxo☺💋💋❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


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