Day 1 convention X Details

:mrgreen:Hey guys, welcome to my blog again today and I will be doing an all weekend series.💃💃
     This is cause I am at OTA OGUN state for a 3 days convention by Jehovah’s witnesses:mrgreen::mrgreen:, sooo excited. I enjoy this programs because i go back home refreshed, motivated, and more determined. Have you attended any? The title of this years own is REMAIN LOYAL TO JEHOVAH.
     Today was the first day and it was subtitled: CHERISH LOYALTY(Micah 6:8), here is a little summary of what I learnt.
-Did you know that God’s loyal love is better than life? And he stays loyal to those loyal to him. Psalms 63:3
– we should imitate Jesus in loyalty. Acts 2:27
– For more info, visit our website
            That is that for the spiritual aspect, let’s talk about what I wore!!


I really love this picture (😘😘 that is for my bro that took the pic;)).
Dress- Made by Tamara’s palace ( if you are interested in getting yours, send an Email to


Shoe- Forever21 gotten from Ken-walk.
Purse-  I got it from Ken-walk unisex boutique, you can check them out on Facebook.
Hair- By my one and only girlfriend, Bethel😘❤
Makeup- Done by me Tamara. I have been breaking out, I never knew I would look good with just powder, lipstain, eyeshadows and brows👸.
     What do you think about this blog? Did I slay this look? Comments please. Xoxo 💋💋❤❤

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