Choker X Crochet X Old chain

Hey guys welcome:) to my blog and once again I have got a very useful project.:mrgreen:
   This season has been all about chokers and crochet braids do you agree? Yes u do;). Did you ever think of combining these two? Probably, but I thought of it and also practiced it.
   Due to the choker raining now, most of us have dumped, lost or even disposed our old neck chains. What I want u to do now is: go get those chains now!!


Isn’t she beautiful? 👸. Let us make this shall we?
        What you will need
. Crochet pin/ regular knitting pin
. Cord or crochet wool(whichever you prefer)
. Chain

– For this project I used a cord and a crochet pin( you should have a little knowledge about crocheting)
– knit a straight line make sure it is a bit smaller than your neck size( if you want to leave it this way it is ok, just secure your ends and jump to the chain part or style like that)


– Make another step ( in the normal crocheting style) make as much lines as you want, I made just two lines.
– At this point secure your ends by knotting properly and using a lighter to burn the ends a little.
– Get your chain disconnect the hook and put on your crochet


– The chain itself take quarter of it and attach to the back because there are days you would want it to be loose
– The remaining part of the chain design it how you like.


     That is all beauties, in less than 15mins we are done. Was this useful i am sure it was so hey tell your friends to come check my blog out.
     You saw this first at Tamara’s palace. Comment, like and share xoxo💋💋❤❤

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