Summer sandals

Whew!! OK I have been thinking how do I start this post? But right now I am like that is a good start right?;)
   Today I just want to talk about summer sandals!! There are so many to choose from, from our Queen gladiators to slide sandals to T-straps it could be overwhelming, that is why I decide to give a guide. In the comment box don’t forget to tell me what you think.
  These are my favorite, and they are so trendy this season feel free to play around with the different styles. For the most flattering results, consider adding a bit of height and going for a nude colour or a skinny stiletto heel . Pair with an A- line skirt or a mod shift dress with a hemline that falls mid -thigh , to give the illusion of leaner limbs.

Slide sandals
This unisex summer sandals can be dressed up or dressed down, paired with everything from boyfriend jeans to a chic mini skirt. They are amazing, try them (Birkenstock to Addidas slides e.t.c)

I really love this but I don’t wear them because they have this elongating effect and I have long legs so they never fit, so if we are in the same category don’t go for these. For my sisters with smaller legs you can style these babies with a maxi dress or with jeans. When picking the colour to wear pick according to the colour of leather you plan on wearing (i.e black leather bag and black leather sandals)

Laced up sandals
Just like the gladiators I love these too just style them with your shorts, jeans, midi and mini skirt. But never please never style them with a maxi dress, that would be embarrassing.
disclaimer- all pictures in this post were gotten fro Google.

I hope this will assist you, have a great day, till I come back with my up coming blog project, I will be expecting your comments💋💋❤❤

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