Hey guys it has been a stressful week for me😩, but I am not complaining because it is a surprise for you guys and I am working tirelessly on it:mrgreen:.
    Remember my hair? I promised to tell you how I made it. For about a month now I have been using head wraps and wigs, wearing protective hairstyles only at night.


   I had been falling in love with those mambo twists:), but I had an occasion and couldn’t get my hands on them easily😭😭.
   At that point, there was no time, that was where I recalled that I had some crochet box braid (the ones I used the first time I made crochet).
            Before I tell you the procedure let us talk about the benefits.
Fast to do- the weave on companies have  made it very easy for us, if not you would have to use about the same amount of time you use to do your normal box braids, twists e.t.c

Cheap- crochet attachments may seem expensive to some because you get one pack for about 1000naira and you need 3 or 4 packs for full hair, but I say they are cheap because they are very reusable (if maintained well)

Diy- Are you broke? I know you are :D😄 lol, crochet is the best for broke girls like us that want to look fab👸. It me took me about an hour 30mins to make mine cause I am a novice at making hair😩 but I tried.lol

.   weave your hair into cornrows
.     slide crochet pin under cornrow, make sure latch is closed.
.     open the latch, hook hair (center) onto the pin and close
.      pull the needle and hair under cornrow.
.    you should have a loop
at one end and tails on another.
.     fold tails over cornrows and put in the loop
.     continue the process for the entire hair and you are done. Easy right?.


I had made mine so I just downloaded a pix for you guys. If you need more info about crochet visit http://un-ruly.com/crochet-braids-everything-you-need-to-know/#.V6rx8zNw1kc xoxo💋💋❤❤

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