What I wore:- Sunday inspiration

Hey guys:mrgreen:, sorry this post is late. I don’t even have an excuse, but we both know I am too cute for you to be mad at;).
      Anywayyys..lol this was how I dressed on Sunday, which was yesterday:mrgreen::mrgreen::). This pics made me see that the workouts has been paying off💪💙, cause the dress used to be tight fitted.😁:D:)


   I have had the gown for a while but i am not a fan of light colours maybe it is because I am fair ( my best color is black❤❤( if you love black follow me;)) ), so I was skeptic about this dress, I didn’t want to look too bright🔆🔅🔆
       I believe I slayed the look, tell me what you think😇, your opinion is always welcomed.


Dress – I made it myself
Shoes – Got it from kenwalk https://m.facebook.com/Ken-walk-1568540873418174/
Hair – I made it myself ( Don’t worry I will gist you soon😯😄)
Makeup – Still me
Photography – A friend.
       I want to know what you think so please like and drop a comment also follow me. Xoxo💋💋❤❤

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