Thrift shopping (NAIJA)

Who am I kidding, bend down select😜 lolll…..  oyinbo People call it thrift shopping😂.
    We All know how the economy is now, “thrift shopping” is one good way to stock your wardrobe without breaking the bank. You can also find some designer items at a very cheap rate. I came up with few tips for you guys.
Be prepared- (1)what do I need?- you need to ask yourself this before going out to avoid buying things you don’t need.(2)Have a budget – with this you would not be tempted to buy too many things cause they are cheap.
(3)Have your own shopping bag- those people selling will not give you good ones.

– Be comfortable- (1) there will be so many people so when going for “bend down selecting” wear something comfy, like jeans and simple polo. (2) Keep your valuables well (handset and money well) some people come with other motives. (3) If you are going for shoes the wear a slippers yes, so that you can easily test your shoes. (4) Test your clothes, although it is cheap it will be a waste of money to buy something that doesn’t fit.

-Take your time- (1)this is really important, I remember buying a torn beyond repairs skirt before, so don’t let the crowd pressing in or the cheap price deceive you, you don’t want to go home with rags or something that doesn’t fit you. (2)Bargain- these items are cheap but you can still beat the price😜, so don’t be shy.

– Be openminded- there are pieces that you will find, they may seem old fashioned but if you style them well or even alter them you would love them.
       What I love most about this kind of shopping is that you would hardly ever see someone wearing the same piece👰👸.
     If you have other tips please comment, till next time. Enjoy your weekend. Xoxo💋💋❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


7 thoughts on “Thrift shopping (NAIJA)

  1. Moji says:

    Good tips here! I think it’s also important to have fun and keep an open mind. Cuz while you may not get what you planned to buy, you may run into something much, much better. Which is so common with thrift shopping. So what I normally do is, I have things in mind that I need, but once I spot something better, I don’t hesitate to buy it.


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