Julyyy!! wait wait don’t go😭, lol it is a new month August, positive vibes all the way💃💃
        Well If you follow fashion trends then I am sure you have seen these beauties, but they are pretty expensive💰, that is why you have me right;), making you look fab even when you are broke:mrgreen:. Anyway i made mine


How? With just 100naira!!!!😮. Surprised?? Well 100naira when you have a flat at home already😄. This will not take you up to 15 minutes.


What you will need?
– Hole puncher/any sharp item to drill your holes
– Your flat. That’s all

– Drill your holes wherever you want but first you need two holes in front for a Knot, make sure you calculate well you don’t want to make a disaster.


– Pass your cord through the holes and you are done, just style those babies with whatever in style;)


I loved this I hope you do too, till next time. Xoxo💋💋❤❤

Posted by TAMARA


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