Diamond heart shirt

    I love altering and redesigning my clothes, I have this shirt that I just got bored of but still loved the color so I decided to enhance it, I got the idea when disposing my old CD’s.
What you will need:
An old CD
– Big and small needles
– lighter, candle (fire)
– Thread ( the color of your shirt)
– Scissors



After cutting your CD into the shape you want, take a big needle and heat it up.
Drill holes in the right corners of the shapes (NOTE:- before drilling make sure you place your shapes on your collar, this will help you know where to drill your holes)
Start sewing. Sew to your desired style. Don’t forget, use your small needle to sew.(NOTE:- it is very easy for you to sew on d inside of the collar so place your shirt and your shapes like this before you start sewing)


To add more drama to it, you can use these shapes to design the back of your shirt, pocket, sleeves, just be creative👸👻.
      It took me just 15 mins or so to make this so you have no excuse.
      This could be done by both males and females, for males though I will advice you don’t design the collar cause that would look feminine.
       If you get the chance to practice this please send me a picture I would be delighted.:D:mrgreen:


    I am sorry my picture quality is still bad bear with me.
You want to know how I styled this? Stay tuned. Meanwhile I am not sure if this name suits;) so if you have a better one your comment is welcomed .xoxo 💋💋❤❤

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